Dog Portrait Day



DOG PORTRAIT DAY is Saturday, June 1st, 2019 (by appointment only)
Image review sessions will be Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th (by appointment). 

Bookings must be made online.
Registrations open Tuesday May 7th, at NOON.
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One more way to help out the Timmins and District Humane Society and get the most amazing ‘Wall Art” of your dog!  

Only 20 8 spots left

This studio day is dedicated to all our furry friends of the K9 world. Even though I do not have a dog, I sure love them! I do have two cats and I know I love my cats as much as you LOVE your dogs. So, “Dog Day” was created. Not only are we doing this for you, but we are also doing this for the Timmins and District Humane Society. We want to give something back to them, so the $30 session fee is being donated to the Timmins and District Humane Society. (yes that is the entire session fee).

If you have more than one dog, book 1 session per dog please!

The day of your session, you must bring one (or more if you are feeling generous) of the following items to donate to TDHS:

  • Fresh for Life clumping kitty litter (Pet Valu brand)
  • Performatrin Kitten or Puppy wet food (Pet Valu brand)
  • Durable Kong dog toys
  • Extra-large litter scoop
  • Mr. Clean All-Purpose Disinfectant Liquid

We should tell you that this will not be your typical “Studio dog portrait day”. Nope, we are planning to create the best image of your dog showing his or her personality. Sometimes we will get it in the first few frames, sometimes we may have to take 20, whatever it takes. We will be focusing on your dog and not so much as the backgrounds, props and colours. As you can see by our samples your attention is drawn directly to the dog, and you know what that dog is like just by looking at them. All photos will be taken on a pure white background and in black and white!

Think of Dog Portrait Day as a high end art work of your favorite fur baby!

FIVE Reasons Why You Should Trust Us With Your Dog’s Portrait

  1. Your dog’s portrait will be better than any snapshots you might already have.
  2. Because we know you love your dog!
  3. Your dog wishes to help out with the TDHS.
  4. You will not find better prices for the best Dog Portrait.
  5. We know your dog wants this as your dog already emailed us telling us so. Don’t disappoint your dog!

My amazing dog whispering assistants and I will be working an extra long day to be able to give 20 lucky dogs this incredible opportunity. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long like we said earlier sometimes we can get those magic captures in the first 5 minutes, plus, your dogs might stress out, breathe heavy, tongues hanging out (which isn’t a bad thing) so we found 20 minutes is more than enough time.

Important details for Dog Day Portrait session on June 1st

  • Please do not be early, but don’t be late. We wish to avoid confrontations with all of our four-legged friends.
  • Images will be captured on our high-key white background. This will put all the attention on your fur baby! Also don’t worry, its vinyl, so if your fur baby has an accident, no worries at all
  • Images will be of the dog ( or dogs) alone. This is Dog Day, not Dog & Owner day (so please don’t ask). If you wish to bring more than one dog, a session fee applies to each dog. Each dog will be photographed individually and together
  • The session fee is $30 (billed when you register ) Please bring one of the donation items listed above to the session. I will pass your information onto the Timmins and District Humane Society and they will issue you a tax receipt.
  • Please bring treats, chew toys, squeaker toys or any other “vice” you use to bring your K9 to smile!
  • Want to dress up your dog? Go for it!
  • If it is wet outside, I will have towels for you to dry off your pet’s feet, or even better, carry them in!
  • You know when your dog has to go and if he or she happens to go in the studio……….. so be it. Dogs do that. Don’t cry, we will have cleaning supplies on hand
  • Session times are not guaranteed until paid. Once paid, refunds are not possible, however, you may transfer your session to someone else, just let us know!
  • Additional Prints and products are available for sale during your viewing appointment after you have selected your package.


These heavily discounted prices are only available during your viewing appointment on June 7th or 8th. All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes. And don’t worry, you don’t have to choose your package until the viewing session when you see the best portraits ever of your Dog!

A Sincere offer from Marc and his cats

I really want to thank you for taking advantage of Dog Day and helping support our local humane society. I have negotiated a HUGE discount with our Professional Canvas Lab for our Dog Day event. We have never offered such a discount before and this will be the only time! A custom 40″ Canvas of your Fur baby, normally $900 for only $599,plus the cats will donate another $100 to the humane society in your name!

Now, you might be thinking that 40 inches is too large and it will not fit on your wall. Simply measure it out and you will see how this size is just right for so many spaces

A social media sized digital file is included for every print you purchase!

A package must be purchased for each dog.

Their Royal Highness
One 60″x30″ Premium Fine Art Signature Series Canvas Wrap
Two 7″x5″ (same pose as Canvas)
Only $1199
Regularly – $1500

The Best Dog Ever
One 40″x20″ Premium Fine Art Signature Series Canvas Wrap
Two 7″x5″ (same pose as Canvas)
Only $599 regularly $900, AND
The cats make an additional $100 donation to TDHS in your name!

Don’t have the room, take advantage of one of these great, but smaller options!

Pampered Pooch
One 24″x12″ Premium Fine Art Signature Series Canvas Wrap
Two 7″x5″ (same pose as Canvas)
Only $289
Regularly – $560

The Fur baby
One 20″x10″, Edged Masonite Mounted Print
Two 7″x5″ (same pose as Masonite)
Only $189
Regularly – $460

The Mongrel
One 10″x8″ Gift Print (high quality professional photographic paper)
Two 7″x5″ (same pose as 10×8)
Only $89
Regularly – $120


All bookings must be done online.

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