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So today I am no longer an even 40.    I wanted to do something different, and I remembered an amazing thing some friends of mine did for their birthdays.   They decided for their 40th birth day, they would do 40 Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK).    So a couple months back I decided to take the afternoon off work and do 41 ROAKs.      I can’t thank my girlfriend Lynn enough for all her help!  It was so much fun to share this with her!
My ultimate goal in sharing this story is to inspire anyone to do a single ROAK whenever they can.  If you decide to do the Birthday ROAK day, then also please let me know!
Here is what we did (with a few pics Lynn took with my Iphone)

  1. Made a donation to a friend’s charity to help her do humanitarian work in the Dominican
  2.  Pre paid 3 canteen vouchers for people at work
  3.  Bought and delivered snacks and drinks for coworkers
  4.  Gave a Tim card to the lady in the flora dept that helped me with assembling the flowers
  5. Gave a lottery ticket to a couple at the grocery store
  6.  Returned a cart at Shoppers drug mart for an elderly woman
  7.  Delivered flowers to an employee at Shoppers (facebook request)
  8.  Gave a lottery ticket and a big tip to the cashier at Timmies
  9. Gave a Tim card to a street musician at LCBO
  10.  Delivered Tim bits to Complete foot care (they always take such good care of me)
  11.  Delivered water bottles to workers at a construction site
  12.  Gave a water bottle to a crossing guard
  13.  Gave timbits to the girls at Purolator (they are so friendly)
  14.  Brought a tea to a friend recovering from surgery
  15.  Delivered a cash for life ticket to a cancer survivor who has done a lot for other cancer surviors
  16.  Delivered Flowers to a random business
  17.  Gave a flowers to someone who works her butt off for the Canadian Cancer Society
  18. Dropped off Tim bits for the hard working volunteers at the Canadian Cancer Society
  19. Put change in expired parking meters
  20. Delivered Timbits to Porcupine advance printing to thank them for being such nice people
  21. Delivered Timbits to Scotia bank tellers
  22. Delivered Timbits to TD bank tellers
  23. Put change in expired parking meters (again)
  24. Gave a Cash for life to the administrator at Spruce hills lodge – and she said if she won she would use it to buy the place a new roof
  25.  Gave a Tim card to one of the kitchen staff at Spruce Hills lodge

26 – 38.  Delivered a dozen roses to the residents at Spruce hills lodge.  Originally was going to give 1 rose to 12 residents, but they were all gathered for dinner when I arrived.  So instead, the administrator presented them to the entire group on our behalf.  They were so happy, they sang me happy birthday)
39-41.  Delivered 2 tim’s cards and a cash for life ticket to the the brave crew working at Timmins Fire department