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What exactly is Commercial Photography?     In my mind, Commercial photography is photography created with the intent of making my client money; essentially, photography for commerce and business. Most commercial photography is used for marketing materials and advertising for the client.   It gives my clients the ability to sell their product or services.  My goal is always to  create compelling visual images that speak to the target audience of that product.
I especially  love creating commercial photography images with other small businesses.  To see more of my commercial work, see my Commercial Photography Portfolio.
commercial photography on customer's website
Here is a screenshot of their website, where they are using my image prominently to show their clients exactly what they do best.  
About CMGC (in their own words)

Our profession is carpentry, our passion is concrete. It allows us to be creative, work with our hands and work together.
Our concrete and carpentry projects combine skill, education, experience and partnership. Our work is incomparable, always resulting in a finish that reflects the talent and energy that was invested.

Click here to visit CMGC and visit their website
Here is a view of one of their images where you can see I used the right lighting to bring out all the detail in the concrete to truly show their craftsmanship!  The goal of this image was to show the especially details in the side of the concrete, and how its not just a boring monotone, textureless grey.   
Commercial Photography