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Fitness photography of Veronique Lauzon
Vero came to me because she needed some fitness photos to show off all her hard work!  She has lost over 60lbs that she gained after surgery and has become a Beach Body coach to help others reach their goals.  You can see more of my fitness images in my Fitness Portfolio
In her own words:

I started my health and fitness journey in January 2016, (that’s a lie, I’ve been struggling with my weight my whole life… In 
January 2016 it all changed). In January 2016 I was going through a depression after dealing pain levels around 8 or 9 for 2 consecutive years. I thought the back surgery would fix it all, and although it got rid of a lot of the pain, it didn’t get rid of it all. The muscles were so atrophied that my range of motion was pretty ridiculous. I was TIRED, and tired of being tired, of not being able to put socks on without suffering and so many other reasons…
NOW? Socks are definitely not a problem, pain levels? SOMETI
MES I can feel a 1. I can do the things I love to do like go to the movies with friends, or dance, I was able to get back to riding my horse. I get to go back to the martial arts I loved so much. I feel 100% better and don’t have to take medications for it. I have lost over 50lbs, no I am not at my “goal weight” but I have my LIFE back!! There is no magic recipe to make you feel better, happier, healthier…but it is SIMPLE.
Good food, in the right portions and ratios, and 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.
This decision I made, it changed more than my body, it changed my whole mindset. You want to know what I do with this newfound mindset? I help others find their own strength. 
If I can help you feel the same, let me know!! I would be honoured to help you along with your journey. ?