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The beautiful model Kat from Montreal was in town of the holidays and wanted to do a winter themed super-sexy shoot!  So we loaded up the gear and some warm blankets and went out in the -20 C  weather to brave the cold!
Unfortunately, when I posted this image on Facebook, someone thought it was inappropriate and flagged it for removal.  Although I completely respect everyone’s opinion, this page is dedicated to my art and I really think that asking the image to be removed was a little harsh.  I had received many positive comments from friends, photographers and models alike but sadly, it only takes one complaint to have an image removed.  Personally, I don’t see anything in this image that you can’t see in a PG-13 movie, so I didn’t think it would be an issue.  (My Facebook page only allows those 13+ to view it).
So, a little tongue in cheek, I am putting this censored image back up on Facebook.  And just in case someone from PETA looks at it, i took no chances and hit the faux fur hat too!
And for those of you who may prefer to see the original version, it is right under the censored one!
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