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Award-wining Image Bold and the beautiful

Today I am happy to announce that I have received two Merit Awards in the Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario Region competition. The Merit score the second-highest score an image can receive.
I am very proud to be the only photographer in Timmins to have images accepted into our Provincial Salon.   Having my work judged by industry experts is truly a wonderful learning experience.


“Bold and Beautiful” – Merit Score
Judges comments for this image” Perfect lighting”
Merit awards - Under the Dome
“Under the Dome” – Merit Score.

This image was photographed in the Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, one of the worlds largest cemeteries. I was looking inside a mausoleum and I just loved the details.
I am especially proud of this image as I have never photographed Fine Art style images so I was completely surprised it did so well!
A special thank you to my good friend Bob Neibert for inspiring me to see life in a different way.
Judges comments on this image were that the color harmony and texture was great, geometry works well, engaging

Under the Dome