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Is Plus size boudoir a thing? Yes, absolutely and I love those sessions!

Plus Size Boudoir by Marc Durocher Photography

I often get asked if a Plus size lady should go for a boudoir session and my answer is always, YES!!!!! In fact, manly of my past clients consider themselves plus-sized and never thought they could go through with it.

I believe that beauty is found in all shapes and sizes. With the guidance of my female assistant and myself, we will help you feel relaxed and sexy and create the most empowering images you have ever seen of yourself.

Each session is personalized at the Design Consultation to ensure we capture the style my client wants. We also discuss props and outfits. As you can see in this photo, the client had a small Bunny that was a personal token and she wanted to include it in some of the images.

During the session we will used advanced lighting techniques combined with complimentary poses that will make you look your very best!

They say that the camera adds 20lbs, but that is only in the hands of an amateur! With the right lighting and posing, we can easily remove 20lbs instead.

Most importantly, my clients describe their Plus Size Boudoir sessions as fun! We play your favorite music and keep things very relaxed!

Afraid to go at it alone?

If you are thinking of booking one of our exciting boudoir
sessions, why not throw a Boudoir Party with your friends
or your wedding party?

A Boudoir Party is a fun excuse to get your friends together
and have a great time. Invite your friends over to have
snacks and adult beverages that you provide. For booking 2 or more people you each receive a special discount!

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